History and Problem

The fire service in Nepal is known by the ‘Barun Yantra Karyalaya'. The fire service started its first office in Nepal in Kathmandu, the capital city of the country in 1937 with a single ‘MORISH’ (England made) Vehicle. At that time Kathmandu valley was not linked by any motorable road so this vehicle was transported into the city by porters who carried its parts and particles on their back and shoulder from Indian boarder. Although no telephone lines were set up in the city at that time the need of the fire service was realized and was established. An iron tower was built to watch whether any part of the city was catching fire or not. As a precautionary measure the fire servicemen were sent to the areas where suspected fire could catch. Later in 1944 the fire service was extended to the neighbouring cities of Kathmandu, namely Lalitpur and Bhaktapur  with a ‘DODGE’ with Tailor pump in those cities. In 1975 the German government donated very useful seven fire engines.  Nowadays, the service has been expanded in 32 other cities of the country. The fire service in Kathmandu airport was established in 1966, now it has 137

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