Important Information

List of Phone No 101
Reporting For fire, rescue or medical
emergency , dial 101  for
Kathmandu Valley. For other
region see list below
Evacuation Close doors and windows before leaving . 

Stop fighting fire when it has
  reached the ceiling .


Firefighting How to use a fire extinguisher.
Ten suggestion againast the Earth Quake 1. Protect yourself when you feel a  jolt.
2. Immediately turn off stoves . 
3. Open windows and doors.
4. Watch out for falling objects.
5. Watch out for the broken glass on the floor in your house.
6. Make sure everyone in your  family  is safe.
7. Get together and help others.
8. Before leaving your home,do a safety check, (electricity, gas)
9. Stay away from block gates or  walls.
10.Give correct information to the  rescue teams. 

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